A little less than two months away from swearing-in Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, issues surrounding this man seem to be getting worse, not better.

I was among those who hoped that Trump was play-acting during the campaign to arouse the votes of those who had stayed home from the polls for decades.  After all, I said, he HAS to be putting people on because someone who is so outrageous and uncontrolled could NEVER make the fortune he claims.  Right?  Obviously not right!

It appears now, with what we are able to find out about Trump’s rise to fame and fortune, that his modus operandi has always been one of bravado, lies, intimidation, pitting people against each other, and total takeover control.

When Trump was satisfied to just own his empire of private businesses, other people could CHOOSE to stop doing business with him.  But now that his sights for empire have grown bigger, there is true concern of what could happen to our Republic at the hands of this madman who never sleeps.

Obsessive Tweets in the middle of the night because someone teases him on a comedy show or questions his policies on cable news; threatening to strip U. S. citizenship from protesters (where will that end?);  calls for internment camps for Muslims (and anyone else he chooses?); naming members of his Cabinet who, at the very least, have ties to or have financially capitalized from white supremacist groups.

These are just a few things since the election, and they just keep on coming!

How will this Country survive four years of this?!  If you think, like I used to think, that the “system” will stop him from ruining our country or from becoming a dictator, think again.  More and more, we are seeing before our very eyes just how weak everyone else around Trump really is.  These folks are only concerned about keeping their jobs, power, etc., not about the survival of our Democratic Republic!  Everyone from Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton seems to be submitting to the new regime.  He breaks the rules and gets away with it because these folks do nothing!  They tell us that this is not like it used to be, but that’s what the people want, so get used to the new normal.

Certain things should NEVER BE NORMALIZED:  among them, racism, white supremacy, religious bigotry, internment camps, stripping of citizenship.

Recent Tweets from President-elect Donald J. Trump: