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Like it or not Donald J. Trump is now the President of the United States and, unless there is incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, he was elected freely and fairly by at least half the citizens of our country.  (I do not believe that Russia, nor anyone else for that matter, actually influenced those who voted for Mr. Trump.  Russia, by the way, has been trying, unsuccessfully, to disrupt our elections at least since the 1950’s so now is no different.)

After a weekend full of foul-mouthed celebrities and vandalism and arson excusing itself as “protest” it is clear that those who make the biggest stink over the election results do not have clean hands and could have another agenda other than “protecting” American freedoms and way of life.

All this disruption comes at the expense of the American People and will only prove itself to be a distraction and impediment to achieving anything, once again, if we allow it.

Didn’t we go through all this before?  When President Obama was elected, there were those on the Right who said they “hoped he failed” and that their only purpose was to “stop him.”  (A reminder that these were celebs and politicians saying these things to influence us.)

Where it get us?  Nowhere!

Legislation was tied up or stopped.  Judges and cabinet appointees were not voted on.  The wheels of government, and the economy, ground almost to a halt.  The Left at that time rightfully criticized talk show radio and Congressional leaders for doing nothing but obstructing.

Now we have a new President from the other party and this time, it’s the Left who are the obstructionists.

And if we allow ourselves go along with the celebs and politicians obstructing this time, we will get the same results:  nothing will get done!

We have a country and an economy to repair.  Like Barack Obama, I believe that Donald Trump is a good person who loves this country and has its best interest in his heart.

Let’s give him, and his administration, a chance to get something done.  Hold him accountable?  Absolutely!  But do so responsibly and civilly.  Letter writing, phone calls to Congress, and yes even Tweeting, are all ways to make our voices heard.  But going along with media-driven spectacles that are nothing more than publicity stunts for has-been celebrities, is a waste!

Time to come together as a People and make things happen for our country!

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