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We already know the hatred that Trump stirred up in this country when it comes to race, gender, and religion.  But, come on, how can anyone, I mean anyone in this country, NOT feel compassion when it comes to a child?

Judging from the response to Jimmy Kimmel’s on-air disclosure about his son, conservative right-wing media and politicians are just as hateful to a newborn baby and his parents as to anyone else that isn’t them!

Calling Kimmel “you elitist creep” and telling him to “shut your fat trap” is just one example of the response from the Right’s leadership.

A right-wing lawmaker says a newborn baby’s life hanging in the balance doesn’t “obligate” him to help that baby!  Really?!

Those on the right who still do believe in the Bible’s instruction to love and take care of the “very least” of us should be appalled at their leadership right now.  Especially as their lawmakers stand on the brink of stripping away life-saving healthcare from those most in need if they pass Trumpcare.


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