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Watch Video: Meet the Press May 14, 2017

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Secretary of State (and former Exxon CEO) showed just how much disdain Trump and his Oligarchy have for the American People and our Constitution.
Asked by host Chuck Todd to respond to a comment by Senator John McCain (R, Arizona), Tillerson said this:

If any has earned the Right to express their views, Senator McCain has…

Earned the Right?

The Right to express one’s views is not a Right to earn!  It is The First Amendment and is therefore unalienable, that is, it is inherent in humankind, not granted or created by Government (or its Agents like the Secretary of State), but secured for us by our law, the Constitution of the United States.

Senator McCain, a Vietnam Veteran, former POW, and hands-down, a war hero, has certainly earned respect in his Service to this Country, but Senator McCain, like the rest of us, was born with the right to express his views.  Guaranteed to all Americans, no matter what.  We don’t have to earn free speech, we have it.

I am surprised that no one in the Sunday cacophony of political media has addressed Tillerson’s remarks.

Certainly, Tillerson might be patronizing “The Maverick” McCain (who is getting back to being a maverick again), but he is also disdaining the rest of us by implying that he, or Trump, or any of the others in the corrupt Administration think they have the power over us and our views.

To that, I say, Hah, oh no you don’t!

Read this:  http://www.gemworld.com/usa-unalienable.htm