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Presidential elections have consequences.  And one of those consequences is the presidential power to name Supreme Court justices.

When balanced by a robust and independent Senate, the efforts to stack the Court in fulfillment of a president’s radical agenda are suppressed.

But when the Senate becomes an arm or extension of that president, then the president gains the authority of emperor, using the Court to distort the law to carry out and fulfill any whim at will.

Unfortunately, the later scenario is where we are now.  And it is threatening the very foundations of our democratic republic with the potential to throw thousands of people into danger, and to deny certain states due representation in Congress.

Trump has successfully nominated and installed 2 Supreme Court justices, the latest Brett Kavanaugh whose confirmation process was a rush job.

Today’s arguments before the Supreme Court reflect Trump’s successful efforts to stack the court in his favor.  Trump insists on adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census in his administration’s efforts to decrease Congressional representation in Hispanic and other immigrant districts.

The dividing line was clear today that conservatives on the Court are now ready to stand with Trump and grant him his wish.

Question:  Will this be the first of many Court decisions to favor Trump and distort our Law?

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