You kind of knew that there was something different happening when you first heard about Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.  But we have had so many false starts that most of us are hesitant to get our hopes up that anything will happen before the Fall of 2020.

Now, however, after over two and a half years of this guy, the END may be in sight!

The holdout of course has been Speaker Nancy Pelosi who has aggressively refused, up until this week, to even consider impeachment or even impeachment inquiry.

Everything changed with the whistle blower.  (And thank you, whoever you are.  We, the American People, are fortunate that there are still brave souls like you who do the right thing in the face of corruption!)

I don’t see the Republicans holding out much longer.  Cracks are beginning, at least with a couple of governors.  And no House or Senate Republican has actually defended the actions of Trump (they are all smart enough politicians to not go down with him).

My only concern is timing:  Pelosi and the House Committees must move in swiftly and relentlessly!

Trump has, in the past, gotten ahead of those who wanted to stop his corruption.  He did it in New York and, until now, has done it in the White House.

The reason Trump has sidestepped being stopped up until now is his extraordinary manipulation of the media.

Give Trump enough time, and he will spin a story to turn it around on his detractors.  Unfortunately, the media has their cameras and microphones there every time Trump opens up his lying mouth!

It seems that Pelosi and the House Democrats understand this.  That time is of the essence and that this is deadly serious, not a political game.

But the news media now must also be responsible.  It’s not about ratings or sensationalism.  This time it’s about our very way of life.  And the news media must do its job:  cover the news!

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