With some Democratic members of Congress like Maxine Waters (D-CA) demanding that if one impeachment doesn’t work, then “We will not stop” and just keep on impeaching until we get him, they ruin any appearance of credibility.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held onto the Articles of Impeachment for nearly a month before sending them across the Capitol to the Senate. This after rushing the vote to impeach with concerns of national security. Huh? Hurry up to wait?

And then there’s the Articles of Impeachment. What do they mean? For two years, we heard about “conspiracy” and “bribery” and of course “collusion.” But yet, not one of those words is mentioned in the Articles against Trump. Furthermore, neither of these two Articles of Impeachment has a crime behind it. They are nothing and mean nothing.

So far, the Democrats are failing the credibility test. And it seems as if there is something else going on here than mere Constitutional duty of Congress to oversee the Executive. Perhaps this Impeachment is no more than a media circus to influence the public to win back the Senate and White House this year.

But then again, could it be a wider conspiracy? Dare say a “coup” even? Check out what RealClearInvestigations turned up covered by The Foxhole: