Trump won’t have Attorney General Bill Barr to kick around anymore!

William Barr

This happens as Trump’s meltdown intensifies over his loss to Joe Biden.

Barr has been a lackey for Trump up to now, but in appearance only. Barr has hesitated to utterly break the law.

But now that the stuff is about to the fan because Biden is the certified winner (by the electoral votes today) and because Trump’s days are numbered, Barr is out. He evidently had his resignation letter waiting and released it within minutes of Biden’s certified electoral win.

Trump is growing more and more deranged, threatening mass pardons for himself and family members, demanding that Congress and the Courts overturn the election. And most importantly, inciting dangerous fringe groups to go to battle for him.

No telling what crazy scheme Trump wanted to Barr to carry out. But Barr is having none of it.

I predicted this would happen as the Trump days of power and control come to an end. He will wind up isolated and alone as more supporters break free of him. It’s sad to witness a total meltdown of anyone, including Trump, but this guy has hurt a lot of people and has never been fit for the office he still occupies.

One more thing that should happen soon (I hope): that Trump’s social media accounts be suspended or shut down. Here’s why:

As Trump continues to degenerate into utter insanity, he will become more dangerous. Social media gives him a loud voice to stir up other deranged individuals. For our safety and security, that means of communicating with the fringe needs to be stopped before something terrible and irreversible happens.