The New Normal?!


A little less than two months away from swearing-in Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, issues surrounding this man seem to be getting worse, not better.

I was among those who hoped that Trump was play-acting during the campaign to arouse the votes of those who had stayed home from the polls for decades.  After all, I said, he HAS to be putting people on because someone who is so outrageous and uncontrolled could NEVER make the fortune he claims.  Right?  Obviously not right!

It appears now, with what we are able to find out about Trump’s rise to fame and fortune, that his modus operandi has always been one of bravado, lies, intimidation, pitting people against each other, and total takeover control.

When Trump was satisfied to just own his empire of private businesses, other people could CHOOSE to stop doing business with him.  But now that his sights for empire have grown bigger, there is true concern of what could happen to our Republic at the hands of this madman who never sleeps.

Obsessive Tweets in the middle of the night because someone teases him on a comedy show or questions his policies on cable news; threatening to strip U. S. citizenship from protesters (where will that end?);  calls for internment camps for Muslims (and anyone else he chooses?); naming members of his Cabinet who, at the very least, have ties to or have financially capitalized from white supremacist groups.

These are just a few things since the election, and they just keep on coming!

How will this Country survive four years of this?!  If you think, like I used to think, that the “system” will stop him from ruining our country or from becoming a dictator, think again.  More and more, we are seeing before our very eyes just how weak everyone else around Trump really is.  These folks are only concerned about keeping their jobs, power, etc., not about the survival of our Democratic Republic!  Everyone from Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton seems to be submitting to the new regime.  He breaks the rules and gets away with it because these folks do nothing!  They tell us that this is not like it used to be, but that’s what the people want, so get used to the new normal.

Certain things should NEVER BE NORMALIZED:  among them, racism, white supremacy, religious bigotry, internment camps, stripping of citizenship.

Recent Tweets from President-elect Donald J. Trump:







It’s Over!


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Finally, it’s over!  We, the American People, held our election yesterday and we have a new President, President (elect) Trump.  No matter how you feel about the results, the good news is that we no longer have to endure political commercials, media talking heads telling us how they know about what’s good for us (as if we don’t), or breaking news interruptions for yet another Trump open-mike “shocker” or Wikileaks Clinton email “scandal.”

It’s important to remember that we are all Americans.  Sounds simple and trite.  But it is so critical right now.  All of us, each and every one of us, are in the same boat.  We all have the same basic values, whether we are on the right, left, or somewhere in between.  We all have families and people we care about; we all want the best for our loved ones; we all love freedom; and we all want to live in peaceful and thriving communities.  How we get there, the steps we take to achieve these goals, may differ, but we can come together on these common goals to make a start.

Someone great, a long time ago, said “United we stand, by dividing we fall!”  Let us not be divided by forces that would want to see our failure, but let us now begin to heal and come together as a country!

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Comey: No Changes on Clinton Email Conclusions


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Source: FBI: Review of new emails doesn’t change conclusion on Clinton –

For Comey, It’s the Stink He Created


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As most of us know by now, FBI Director James Comey stepped in it over the weekend by sending a letter to Congressional committee chairs (Republicans) with copies to committee co-chairs (Democrats) regarding emails possibly related to Hillary Clinton.  Without actually using the word “reopen” Comey left enough of a door open for Trump and the Republicans to shout to the rafters that Comey had reversed his opinion from last July regarding Hillary’s server and emails.

In actuality, Comey knew nothing at all when he sent that letter on Friday!  All that happened was that the FBI recovered a laptop from former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner in an investigation of Weiner’s activities.  Since Weiner is the separated husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, that seemed to be the impetus to spark Comey into making up to Republicans for last July’s failed indictment they so desired.  A cursory look at the laptop by the FBI revealed emails on it, and speculation that the laptop was shared between husband and wife.

But the point is, Comey and FBI did not have any details on the emails, who they were from or to, because they would need a search warrant to look at them.  Comey came out to members of Congress before he had any REAL information, before a search warrant (that happened on Sunday, two days later).  His only lead was that this computer belonged to the husband of Clinton’s closest aide!

In a memo that Comey sent AFTER the letter, Comey said that “I agreed that we should take appropriate steps” in an attempt to EXPLAIN himself.  But WHO did he agree with?

It certainly wasn’t DOJ because Justice had already warned Comey not to send the letter.  So, since it wasn’t Justice, who was it Comey “agreed” with?  Trump or the Trump campaign?  Republicans in Congress?  Partisans in his own rank and file of the FBI?  Who knows at this point?

But further, did Comey violate the Hatch Act which prohibits Federal employees from any activity which could disrupt the election process?

Only an investigation will reveal whether he did or didn’t violate Federal law.  And even though a complaint has been filed with the investigating branch to find out whether Comey violated Federal law, it will probably takes months (at best) to get results, well AFTER the election.

So at this point, it’s the SMELL that matters!  Comey, by sending that letter, smeared the image of the FBI.  His action, followed by weak excuses to explain himself, reveals not a “straight shooter” as some have called him.  But a weak willed cowardly character that bows to pressure from others, either internally from his own employees, or externally.

No matter Comey’s reasons, it stinks and Comey should step down!

Read the letter Comey sent to Congressional committee chairs ComeyLetter.pdf.

Read more here:


Trump Campaign Manager Finding It Harder to Defend Trump


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Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for The Donald, conceded to Chuck Todd yesterday that, yes, her candidate is “behind.”

Appearging on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, the overworked Conway agreed with the latest polls, finding it harder to spin Trump’s tailspin into a winner.  Sounding more and more like Trump, all Conway could do is complain about the system being “rigged” and Hillary having more money.  Read more here:  Kellyanne Conway is right. Donald Trump is losing. – The Washington Post

Trump Unshackled, How About Unhinged!



Donald Trump went on another Twitter storm.  In conduct unbecoming a business leader let alone a candidate for the highest office in the nation, Trump unleashed a string of invectives against Republicans, Speaker Ryan, Senator John McCain, and of course Hillary Clinton.

In unfocused stream-of-consciouness Tweets, one after another, Trump can’t seem to decide who his enemy is:  maybe all of them, maybe just one of them, maybe even the American People, if they displease Trump.  He sounds nuts!


Donald Trump also has a habit of pointing the finger at his enemies for the behavior that he himself displays:  i.e., calling Clinton “unfit” and McCain “foul mouthed.”



Trump’s m.o. has always been that the rest of the world must please him: if you agree with him, you’re great, but the second you disagree with him, you’re a “loser.” For Trump, it’s all about control.

As more and more Republicans peel off from Trump, I just hope that Speaker Ryan realizes that by continuing to sit on the fence, he is helping to strengthen Trump and his Alt-right supporters. No one would hold it against Speaker Ryan to withdraw his endorsement of Trump.

Wikileaks Turns the Tables on Right and Trump Supporters


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Trump supporters were salivating with anticipation in the early morning hours over what they saw as the take-down of Hillary Clinton by Julian Assange’s Wikileaks.  In a much-touted “October Surprise” a Trump campaigner even said that Clinton would be “done” by Wednesday.  But alas, all their anticipation came to naught.

Julian Assange and his Wikileaks instead celebrated their tenth anniversary with a press conference and said that documents may be released after the elections.  He also indicated that Wikeleaks had no intention of disrupting American elections or harming any candidates.

But the Right reads conspiracy into everything and mistook Assange’s anniversary press conference to mean that devastating documents would be released to end Clinton’s campaign.  In the lead-up to last night, Assange had even appeared on Fox News’ Kelly Files where he said that documents could be coming but they would have to be carefully vetted before release.  He talked about his ten years of a “perfect” record without a mistake and he was careful to indicate that documents currently in their possession would not be released until they were properly validated and would not be released if they couldn’t be verified.  But no matter, because for many on the Right, that goes in one ear and out the other.

So, all the excitement in the early morning hours, with the likes of Alex Jones on live stream, and Right-wing bloggers awaiting anxiously, for the 4 am ET presser, their hopes and dreams came crashing down.  And of course, their excitement was followed by anger, name calling, and more conspiracy theories.

Here is a suggestion for the Right.  Quit expecting to win by name-calling and conspiring to destroy the other side!  Instead, try coming up with some ideas!

Trump Performance Disappointing in First Debate: No Difference Yet in Polls


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The only real positive in Donald Trump’s debate performance was that he kept his temper under control and didn’t go into a rant at Hillary’s many provocations.  Other than that, his performance was less than stellar and probably will do no good to swing voters his way.

During the first half-hour, Trump seemed to start out strong out of the gate, with quick come-backs and concise responses to questions.  But then it all went down hill.

In lieu of getting angry, Trump resorted to a defensive stance with over-long explanations of why he did or didn’t do something, of which Hillary accused him.  Often, those defensive explanations resulted in stream of consciousness that made no sense of what he was talking about.

In addition, his breathing (through his nose) became so strong (probably in attempting to control his anger) that it became annoyingly loud in his microphone.

The Donald missed several obvious opportunities to hit it out of the park.  Most obvious was during the economy segment on jobs when he could have hit Hillary on wanting to put West Virginia’s coal miners out of work by shutting done the mines.  Also, during cyber security, when he could have slammed her on her private server.  Instead, Trump opted to take the bait from her attacks and launch into long rants which made no sense.

Trump had plenty of time to prepare for this debate and the very best of people to help him prepare.  He therefore should have done much better.

So far, his bad performance has not seemed to make much difference.  Fortunately for him and for his campaign and supporters!  Those firmly in their chosen candidate’s corner were not swayed by the other one, last night.  And those undecided are still not swayed, although some early polls show that some “could” be swayed, but not yet.

Trump, if he really wants this, needs to get his act together!  This isn’t a reality show, nicely scripted, of “Who Wants to Be the Next President?”  This is the big leagues of politics.  And Trump is up against a master politician, not 16 oother candidates of his same party.  No doubt that Hillary, and the entire Clinton family for that matter, really want the White House!

If Trump can’t control himself better, and LEARN from those political professionals in place to help him in his campaign, then he should get out, and get out now, and hand it over to Pence!