Corrupt:  Trump Admin Officials Were Setting Up “Back Channel” With Putin Even Before Inauguration


Erik Prince
The Washington Post is reporting that Blackwater founder Erik Prince, a top supporter of President Trump, met with a confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin nine days before Trump was inaugurated.  The meeting was to set up as a “back channel” between Putin and the incoming President Trump, according to the Washington Post.

Why is this important?

Because it shows that Trump – or at least those close to him who are now in his administration – were associated with or attempting to broker deals with Russia even before Trump was sworn into office.

Who is Prince and what is his association with the Trump Administration?

Prince is infamous for his ownership of Blackwater, a company guilty of abuse and corruption during the Iraq War.  (Blackwater guards were convicted in killing innocent Iraqi civilians in 2007.)

But this doesn’t seem to matter to Trump.  Prince is close to Presidential counselor Stephen K. Bannon.  Also, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is Prince’s sister!

Prince has not made a secret of his love and support for Donald Trump.  He donated a quarter of a million dollars after the Republican Convention to get him elected!

I know that I said in an earlier post (Is It Time to Come Together?) that we should give the incoming President and his administration a chance.

Well, chance has been given!

It is now becoming crystal clear that Trump and his inner circle have not been on the level with the American People.  At best, Trump is what Marco Rubio called him, a con artist.  At worst, Trump and his people could turn out to be actors and agents of a foreign power that does not have our best interests, Trump acting either consciously or out of pure greed and power.

Either way, best or worse, it is now time for all of us to keep a close eye on this White House.  Much worse than the Nixon Administration Watergate, the Trump Administration could well threaten our very core or nation and our security!

Source: Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel – The Washington Post


Is It Time to Come Together?


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Like it or not Donald J. Trump is now the President of the United States and, unless there is incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, he was elected freely and fairly by at least half the citizens of our country.  (I do not believe that Russia, nor anyone else for that matter, actually influenced those who voted for Mr. Trump.  Russia, by the way, has been trying, unsuccessfully, to disrupt our elections at least since the 1950’s so now is no different.)

After a weekend full of foul-mouthed celebrities and vandalism and arson excusing itself as “protest” it is clear that those who make the biggest stink over the election results do not have clean hands and could have another agenda other than “protecting” American freedoms and way of life.

All this disruption comes at the expense of the American People and will only prove itself to be a distraction and impediment to achieving anything, once again, if we allow it.

Didn’t we go through all this before?  When President Obama was elected, there were those on the Right who said they “hoped he failed” and that their only purpose was to “stop him.”  (A reminder that these were celebs and politicians saying these things to influence us.)

Where it get us?  Nowhere!

Legislation was tied up or stopped.  Judges and cabinet appointees were not voted on.  The wheels of government, and the economy, ground almost to a halt.  The Left at that time rightfully criticized talk show radio and Congressional leaders for doing nothing but obstructing.

Now we have a new President from the other party and this time, it’s the Left who are the obstructionists.

And if we allow ourselves go along with the celebs and politicians obstructing this time, we will get the same results:  nothing will get done!

We have a country and an economy to repair.  Like Barack Obama, I believe that Donald Trump is a good person who loves this country and has its best interest in his heart.

Let’s give him, and his administration, a chance to get something done.  Hold him accountable?  Absolutely!  But do so responsibly and civilly.  Letter writing, phone calls to Congress, and yes even Tweeting, are all ways to make our voices heard.  But going along with media-driven spectacles that are nothing more than publicity stunts for has-been celebrities, is a waste!

Time to come together as a People and make things happen for our country!

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Megyn Kelly Says “Bye-Bye” to Fox News for New Gig at NBC


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Megyn Kelly, host of “The Kelly Files” on Fox News, is leaving the right-slanted news channel for a position at NBC.  Citing more time to spend with her young family, Kelly, in her public announcement last night on her show, said she will be hosting a daytime show and Sunday evening show at the Peacock Network.  She told viewers that Friday will be her last show on Fox.

Kelly has had her issues recently with Fox News and is also known for her opening salvo question to then-candidate Donald Trump in the first debate.  So it seems a little more than just family matters that have inspired her move.

Whatever side of politics you are on, Megyn Kelly is fair in her striving to get the truth from powerful people.  Like it or not, Kelly does not choose sides, she soft-soaps no one.

Fox News, on the other hand, has grown tired in its right-wing spin, that certain people can do no wrong, no matter what.  Kelly, because of her commitment to fairness, was becoming more out of place on the stilted network.

I wish Megyn Kelly the best!

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Horror in the South Pacific


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There is a horror going on in the South Pacific islands of Manus and Nauru. In what would otherwise be a tropical island paradise, thousands of war refugees are held indefinitely in squalor in internment camps.

Already broken from war-ravaged regions of the Middle East, these men, women, children, and families escaped only with their lives, many having witnessed their relatives and neighbors brutalized and slaughtered. After finding their way across the oceans, often in danger of sinking or from those seeking to capitalize on their misfortune, these individuals now find themselves separated and detained at the hands of an Australian government policy that smacks in the face of the Human Rights treaties to which is party.

And this tragedy has been going on IN SECRET at least SINCE 2013!

These islands are remote.  Manus has facilities from World War II whose decaying remains are now being used to house the refugees.

Australia’s detention policy is a result of public fears in the country of allowing war refugees into the country.  These public fears are fed by people like Peter Dutton, Australia’s “own little Trump,” according to Roger Cohen of The New York Times.

In Peter Dutton, the immigration minister, the country has its own little Trump. Last May he portrayed the asylum seekers as illiterates bent on stealing Australian jobs”…Roger Cohen “Broken Men in Paradise

Irrational fears of jobs loss, disease, violence from these individuals running for their lives is not unique to Australia or its people.  It is happening here in the United States and also in Europe.  But Australia has taken these fears to the next level.  Politicians concerned more about keeping their own power are playing into the fears rather than working to allay them.

Because of Australia’s remote location to the rest of the world, and because they can get away with it under the cover of tiny remote islands of their shores, this country has been getting away with the internment of human beings, a la World War II.  The imprisonment and detention of these people is NOT because they have done anything wrong nor pose any danger.  Rather it is ONLY BECAUSE OF WHO THEY ARE AND WHERE THEY COME FROM!

One wonders, now with the new Trump Administration coming in, how long it will be before the United States and Western Europe goes the way of Australia?!

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The New Normal?!


A little less than two months away from swearing-in Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, issues surrounding this man seem to be getting worse, not better.

I was among those who hoped that Trump was play-acting during the campaign to arouse the votes of those who had stayed home from the polls for decades.  After all, I said, he HAS to be putting people on because someone who is so outrageous and uncontrolled could NEVER make the fortune he claims.  Right?  Obviously not right!

It appears now, with what we are able to find out about Trump’s rise to fame and fortune, that his modus operandi has always been one of bravado, lies, intimidation, pitting people against each other, and total takeover control.

When Trump was satisfied to just own his empire of private businesses, other people could CHOOSE to stop doing business with him.  But now that his sights for empire have grown bigger, there is true concern of what could happen to our Republic at the hands of this madman who never sleeps.

Obsessive Tweets in the middle of the night because someone teases him on a comedy show or questions his policies on cable news; threatening to strip U. S. citizenship from protesters (where will that end?);  calls for internment camps for Muslims (and anyone else he chooses?); naming members of his Cabinet who, at the very least, have ties to or have financially capitalized from white supremacist groups.

These are just a few things since the election, and they just keep on coming!

How will this Country survive four years of this?!  If you think, like I used to think, that the “system” will stop him from ruining our country or from becoming a dictator, think again.  More and more, we are seeing before our very eyes just how weak everyone else around Trump really is.  These folks are only concerned about keeping their jobs, power, etc., not about the survival of our Democratic Republic!  Everyone from Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton seems to be submitting to the new regime.  He breaks the rules and gets away with it because these folks do nothing!  They tell us that this is not like it used to be, but that’s what the people want, so get used to the new normal.

Certain things should NEVER BE NORMALIZED:  among them, racism, white supremacy, religious bigotry, internment camps, stripping of citizenship.

Recent Tweets from President-elect Donald J. Trump:






It’s Over!


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Finally, it’s over!  We, the American People, held our election yesterday and we have a new President, President (elect) Trump.  No matter how you feel about the results, the good news is that we no longer have to endure political commercials, media talking heads telling us how they know about what’s good for us (as if we don’t), or breaking news interruptions for yet another Trump open-mike “shocker” or Wikileaks Clinton email “scandal.”

It’s important to remember that we are all Americans.  Sounds simple and trite.  But it is so critical right now.  All of us, each and every one of us, are in the same boat.  We all have the same basic values, whether we are on the right, left, or somewhere in between.  We all have families and people we care about; we all want the best for our loved ones; we all love freedom; and we all want to live in peaceful and thriving communities.  How we get there, the steps we take to achieve these goals, may differ, but we can come together on these common goals to make a start.

Someone great, a long time ago, said “United we stand, by dividing we fall!”  Let us not be divided by forces that would want to see our failure, but let us now begin to heal and come together as a country!

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Comey: No Changes on Clinton Email Conclusions


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Source: FBI: Review of new emails doesn’t change conclusion on Clinton –

For Comey, It’s the Stink He Created


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As most of us know by now, FBI Director James Comey stepped in it over the weekend by sending a letter to Congressional committee chairs (Republicans) with copies to committee co-chairs (Democrats) regarding emails possibly related to Hillary Clinton.  Without actually using the word “reopen” Comey left enough of a door open for Trump and the Republicans to shout to the rafters that Comey had reversed his opinion from last July regarding Hillary’s server and emails.

In actuality, Comey knew nothing at all when he sent that letter on Friday!  All that happened was that the FBI recovered a laptop from former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner in an investigation of Weiner’s activities.  Since Weiner is the separated husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, that seemed to be the impetus to spark Comey into making up to Republicans for last July’s failed indictment they so desired.  A cursory look at the laptop by the FBI revealed emails on it, and speculation that the laptop was shared between husband and wife.

But the point is, Comey and FBI did not have any details on the emails, who they were from or to, because they would need a search warrant to look at them.  Comey came out to members of Congress before he had any REAL information, before a search warrant (that happened on Sunday, two days later).  His only lead was that this computer belonged to the husband of Clinton’s closest aide!

In a memo that Comey sent AFTER the letter, Comey said that “I agreed that we should take appropriate steps” in an attempt to EXPLAIN himself.  But WHO did he agree with?

It certainly wasn’t DOJ because Justice had already warned Comey not to send the letter.  So, since it wasn’t Justice, who was it Comey “agreed” with?  Trump or the Trump campaign?  Republicans in Congress?  Partisans in his own rank and file of the FBI?  Who knows at this point?

But further, did Comey violate the Hatch Act which prohibits Federal employees from any activity which could disrupt the election process?

Only an investigation will reveal whether he did or didn’t violate Federal law.  And even though a complaint has been filed with the investigating branch to find out whether Comey violated Federal law, it will probably takes months (at best) to get results, well AFTER the election.

So at this point, it’s the SMELL that matters!  Comey, by sending that letter, smeared the image of the FBI.  His action, followed by weak excuses to explain himself, reveals not a “straight shooter” as some have called him.  But a weak willed cowardly character that bows to pressure from others, either internally from his own employees, or externally.

No matter Comey’s reasons, it stinks and Comey should step down!

Read the letter Comey sent to Congressional committee chairs ComeyLetter.pdf.

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